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06.03.04 FYE - Great Lakes Crossing ***In-Store Appearance*** Auburn Hills, MI 4:20 pm

06.03.04 Clutch Cargo Detroit (Pontiac) MI ON SALE NOW

Fresh, I never been to a KMK instore.. gay@it being at Great Lakes Crossings.

Anyways, Friday I went to my dads shop and got my tongue pierced, thank God he wasnt there, the guy Joe was like, call your dad, Im like, uhh i dont know his number, so he called him, and my dad was like dont pierce her, she has to get promisson for her mom first, then Joe was like, why dont you have your mom call ur dad (he didnt know i was 18 yet, even if i wasnt, my mom dont really care) and i was like, yeah right, like my mom would want to talk to him, hes like i dont blame you guys, ur dads a ass, that made my day, lol. When he found out I was 18, hes like, your 18, what does it matter? Im like yeah, hes like even though ur dad said no to pierce you, Im going to do it anyways to piss him off, Im like right on. Joe gave me and Heather half off, so I only had to pay $20 for my tongue and she payed $20 for her nose. My tongue is still swollen though =\ After that, we went to this party at this guys house, they were pretty cool, i met this girl there who knew my little cousin and my dad (wtf) , she was all drunk like "You and your cousin are sooo cool, I thought you and your friends were going to be stuck up bitches" I dont blame her, I mean, If I didnt know Heather, Cherri, Krista and Liz, I would have thought the same thing.
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