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Techno Fest....

Was pretty fun. My aunt took Myself, Kari and her friend, cause I dont have a licenese, neither does Kari. It was fun, cause my aunts cool.
I seen Chris Secord (of course he was there), and Windy, I didnt expect to see her there.
Some dude that was like 19 or 20 hit on my aunt ;x , he was like "Hey baby" and Kari was like "Dude, thats my mom, shes old enough to be your mom, shes 50's years old" dude was like "Holy shit, she is.... Sorry about that, lol"

Were thinking about going back up tomorrow, I want myself, Angie and Kari to go, but I doubt Angie would want to go with us because she cant go a day without being with Don..heh.

I made a new layout, got sick of the other one. I still need to fix the position of the header.. I'll do that some other time.
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