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Im allways so late to update about things, lol.

Stef's babys shower was nice, she didnt really want to be there because of Andy's sister, and aunts, I dont really blam her though. She got some much fucking things I swear, after the shower we went to her house, and unpacked all her things, she had at least 2 big bags filled with baby bottles, lol. Windy and Amy were there, I havent seen them in forever. Windy is exactlly the same, I swear, its weird, She looks the same, ans acts the same and everything. I ment to take pics there, but I figured Stef wouldnt want too, so I didnt. Anyways, Im pissed, I have been trying to change my journal, but I cant seem to figure the html, I want to use a header that I made..

I want that as my header, I think it turned out pretty good.

Oh yeah, and fuck you angie for not respondeing to my IM's!!!!
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